Angeles City Education - Philippines

As one of the most popular cities in Central Luzon within the province of Pampanga in the Philippines, Angeles City features somewhere around 40 different colleges and universities that offer high quality education. Aside from its very affordable tuition fees, most of these educational institutions teach students to be highly competent and responsible. With their outstanding curriculums and other excellent educational programs, more and more students in the other parts of the country are starting to show interest in studying in these premier colleges and universities.

University of the Philippines-Pampanga

Located at Clark Freeport Zone in Angeles City, University of the Philippines-Pampanga is an excellent, famous, and prime college in the city. With the aim of promoting Filipino culture, this educational institution is popular for its extensive research programs as well as continuously improving curriculums. For all its competent students, the school offers outstanding undergraduate programs like Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics, and Bachelor of Science in Business Management. Aside from these, it also offers Masters in Management to all its diligent graduate students. In addition, it also offers a highly informative general education course called Araling Kapampangan, which aims to broaden the perspectives of students on Filipino culture.

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Holy Angel University

Found along Santo Rosario Street in Angeles City, Holy Angel University is another famous educational institution that aims to accommodate financially challenged students to attain high quality education. To achieve this noble mission, the school offers scholarships and grants. Additionally, it also has five major divisions that offer various undergraduate courses including Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering, as well as Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Furthermore, this premier university offers several graduate programs such as Masters in Education Major in College Teaching, and Masters in Education Major in Library Science.

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Systems Plus College Foundation

Situated along McArthur Highway within Barangay Balibago in Angeles City, Systems Plus College Foundation is a non-sectarian private college that offers affordable tuition fees and high quality education. With a desire to teach professional competence as well as develop responsible and dedicated human resources, this educational institution opens its doors to college students who want to succeed in various fields like Information Technology and Education. Likewise, it offers outstanding programs such as Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Financial Management, and Bachelor of Science in Accountancy.

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STI College Angeles City

Located at the third floor of SPC Building along Miranda Extension within San Nicolas in Angeles City, STI College is known for its excellence in providing undergraduate programs, specifically in terms of Information Technology and Computer Science. To accommodate diverse kinds of students, the school offers outstanding Undergraduate Programs and Associate Programs, which include Associate in Office Management, Associate in Computer Technology, and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Furthermore, STI College is also open to foreign students and cross enrollees.


AMA Computer College Angeles City

Found on the second floor of Plaza delos Jimenes Building along Santo Rosario Street in Angeles City, AMA Computer College is one of the finest universities in Asia that specializes in Information Technology. With its outstanding and excellent staff, this place teaches students to become highly competent and responsible computer analysts. To attain this noble vision, this premier educational institution offers undergraduate programs with excellent curriculum such as Bachelor of Science Major in Information Technology, Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Nowadays, many international computer companies show interest in recruiting graduates from this school, particularly for their sufficient knowledge on Robotics, Software Development, and Multimedia Technologies.

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Other schools in Angeles City

Angeles University Foundation, Republic Central Colleges