Angeles City Treks - Philippines

After making rounds at bars, cafés, and bistros in the city proper, why not try the outskirts of Angeles City? And after conquering the tough terrains of the outskirts, why not go back to the Angeles City proper one more time for the main adventure thrill---strolling the sparkling avenues.

By day, Angeles City seems to be a sleepy place with not much excitement to offer except a few opened establishments and shopping outlets. By night it comes alive with the glaring and playful lights of bars and taverns that dot the cityscape and put energetic colors in Angeles City. This may be the usual things in mind to do in Angeles City, but the adventurous can find more challenging activities possible in the city.

With a 4-wheel drive vehicle, good physical endurance, and enough guts, one can try the daring treks to various scenic sites around Angeles City. Try the trek to Pinatubo, for instance. There are tough vehicles available from Angeles City to at least half the trip up the famous mountain volcano. The remaining half requires tough physical strength to hike all the way up the breath-taking crater led by a local tribesman. The nearby Angeles City can provide the climber with the necessary items and equipments for the climb up and down.

If a car travel up the mountain seems too rugged, then there’s the plane option available from Angeles City. Small plane tours are exciting sight-seeing alternatives where one sees the entire Pinatubo landscape and terrain plus the entire bird’s eye view of the Crater Lake that never fails to mesmerize visitors. Such small plane tours are available from Angeles City, making round trips to and from the volcano site. From Pinatubo one may also enjoy a swim in one of the site’s thermal pools, and then probably catch a fish or two at the Tambo Lake.

In the city itself, one can always try out the different restaurants serving native and foreign cuisines and drinks. Trying out the different exotic local foods and drinks itself will prove an unforgettable adventure in Angeles City. So with the exciting night life that the city reveals once the sun starts hiding behind the city skyline at dusk. Angeles City transforms into a dynamic district alive with live bands and bubbling with crowds of nocturnal roamers and strollers.

Angeles City can offer one of the best in urban and countryside adventure. Angeles City proper can reveal so much fun, and Angeles City outskirts can reveal so much thrill.