Angeles Medical Center in Angeles City - Philippines

The city of Angeles in Pampanga has many facilities that benefit the Filipino and foreign citizen and one of them is a health care institute called the Angeles Medical Center. The Angeles Medical Center is the most up to date hospital in the entire province of Pampanga and serves not only the public but it is also an important tool for students and medical research.

The Angeles Medical Center is located at the Rizal Street near the Mc Arthur Highway in Angeles City. You can reach it from Manila if you take the express way south going to Pampanga and then you turn into the Mc Arthur Highway. Another way is by taking the Metro Rail Transit in short MRT which will take you almost three fourths of the entire way and you just take a taxi or a Jeepney to the actual hospital location.

Unlike the USA or Europe, the cities in the Philippines often do not have a unified emergency number for either police, emergency medical service or firemen. The number of the Angeles Medical Center is 0063-45-322-4632. The Manila region started to use the 117 number for emergencies that include all three that are mentioned above, yet Angeles City is not part of Manila and you may end up with a different hospital than the Angeles Medical Center.

The Angeles Medical Center is tied to the University Foundation of the same name and has due to its academic ties received grand donations over the last three years from medical facilities in the USA. This greatly boosts the hospitals facilities and the Angeles Medical Center is now one of the most modern hospitals in the province. Where in most of the country the hospital technology is crude and extremely outdated, the center was able to maintain and add new equipments.

Every hospital in the Philippines will ask you to pay up front. The Philippine government does not provide insurances to the public that will enable the patient to visit a hospital without paying up front, but there are however private insurances. The problem with these is that they are extremely expensive and do not cover everything. So if you are planning to visit the city and you feel like you need to go to a hospital, always have some money with you because everything is paid up front especially the medicine and the dextrose.

Do not worry about your health of safety however, because that is already ensured once you enter the halls of the Angeles Medical Center.