How to get to Angeles City - Philippines

To enjoy the Philippines’ center of entertainment more, Angeles, Pampanga transportation options ought to be considered well. Here are some of them.

From Boracay to Angeles

After enjoying the pristine beaches at Boracay and getting a bit too used to its nightlife, tourists may opt for the adventure of heading for Angeles in Pampanga for a unique experience. A quick option is to travel by air. Simply get to the nearest airport—and that would be Caticlan Airport in Panay or the Iloilo Domestic Airport—and fly straight to the Manila Domestic Airport in Pasay. That will take about an hour. From Pasay City tourists may take air-con buses to Angeles, Pampanga. Better yet, why not fly straight from Caticlan to Clark Airport via SEA Air? That will only take 45 minutes. Then take a bus or jeepney from Clark to Angeles. Once there, Angeles, Pampanga transportation vehicles are numerous.

From Cebu to Angeles

From the Mactan-Cebu International Airport a domestic flight to Pasay can take about an hour. From Pasay, air-con buses to the north, even to Angeles Pampanga, regularly ply the route. There are Cebu Pacific flights landing on Clark Airport or Diosdado Macapagal International Airport and flights straight from Cebu to Clark Airport are probably on the drawing board. Once in Clark it is an easy thing to get to Angeles City through the various public vehicles available. In the city itself, there are plenty of Angeles, Pampanga transportation modes.

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Car and Van Rentals to Angeles

There are rented cars and vans available from the Pasay airport straight to Clark, Pampanga. Rentable cars cost around Php 2800 to Php 3000, while vans cost Php 3500 to Php 4000. For travelers with loads of luggage and plan to make several stop-overs along the way, renting cars or vans is the best option instead of buses. More so,if tourists prefer to travel with much privacy and in style.

Rental arrangements could be adjusted a bit so that tourists can be taken straight to Angeles City instead of merely dropped off at Clark. However, these arrangements are good only for travelling from Manila to Clark or Angeles. Touring Angeles itself is another story altogether. For daily touring of the city, there are Angeles, Pampanga transportation vehicles to take care of this.

Jeepneys in Angeles

Once in Angeles City, tourists and visitors find a lot of Angeles, Pampanga transportation options. One is the famous jeepney. This Angeles, Pampanga transportation has been around since after World War II and is actually not exclusive to Angeles—it’s been in use all over the country. Angeles jeepneys are multi-colored public transportation plying fixed routes in the cities and suburbs. It’s easy to ride one—just hail an oncoming jeepney along the road and the driver is more than willing to take a passenger as long as a seat is still available.

The starting fare is Php 8.50 and an addition of 50 centavos per 3 kilometer. Jeepneys may also be rented for half-day or whole-day trips around Angeles and adjacent Pampanga towns. They’re perfect for loading huge and onerous luggage from Clark or any bus terminal to one’s destination in Angeles City.

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Tricycles in Angeles

For traveling places within a district or vicinity in Angeles City where roads are narrow and traffic is not heavy, the right Angeles, Pampanga transportation choice is a tricycle. Angeles tricycles often line up at designated places in the city. Just ask around and Angeles folks will direct anyone to a tricycle line up.

Tricycles often charge Php 6 per passenger, but “solo” arrangements are possible. This means any one person may opt to rent the whole tricycle for a specific destination as long as the passenger is willing to pay all the seats a tricycle has. In the tourist areas this option is usually the only option available, and you pay a premium for this, expect to pay P50-P80 for a trike ride. Negotiate before you get in to the trike.

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Bus to Angeles City

Buses are the most affordable method of transportation in Angeles City. Fly the Bus is a non-stop service from Manila to Angeles as well as other destinations.

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Air Asia

Air Asia was founded in 1993 and began its operations in 1996. Today, the company is recognized as the leading low cost airline in Asia.

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Cebu Pacific

Cebu Pacific is one of the many airlines that service flights in and out of the Clark International Airport in Angeles City. This airline serves both domestic flights and international flights to several destinations in Asia. Travelers are advised to take note of ticket rates and the duration of each trip prior to booking a flight.

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Seair is one of the oldest companies in the aviation field in the Philippines.They offer flights going to different provinces and cities in the Philippines.

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