Angeles University Foundation Hospital - Philippines

Angeles University Foundation Medical Center, also known as AMC, is actually adjacent to Angeles University Foundation University campus. It can be found on Rizal Street, Angeles City in Pampanga. The hospital is accessible by private vehicle or public transportation such as jeepneys and tricycles.

Angeles University Foundation Medical Center can be contacted during emergencies through these telephone numbers: (6345) 3228876 0r (6345) 3228880. These hotlines are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Angeles University Foundation Medical Center is quite famous to the folks of Angeles City and nearby towns in Pampanga and other provinces in Central Luzon, including Nueva Ecija, Tarlac, and Bulacan.

The hospital is known to serve patients with the following first class services: anesthesiology, general surgery, IM-cardiology, orthopedic surgery, ENT, ophthalmology, oncology, IM-gastroenterology, OB-GYNE, and other medical related services.

Angeles University Foundation Medical Center is a well-resourced medical facility center in Angeles City. It has 125 beds, is accredited with the health insurance company, Intelli Care, and has EUB-405 (ultra sensitive) diagnostic ultrasound system. Such diagnostic system helps very well in detecting much earlier and treating more effectively serious ailments of any individual.

Angeles University Foundation Medical Center is part of the historical purpose of the Angeles University Foundation (AUF). The foundation is a non-profit educational organization that was established on May 1962 by the Angeles family, specifically headed by Mr. Agustin Angeles and Dra. Barbara Angeles. By the year 1971, the organization was permitted to operate as a University by the Department of Education Culture and Sports (DECS).

On 14th of February in 1978, AUF became a Catholic University. Then on 20th of February in 1990, the Angeles University Foundation Medical Center was inaugurated. It is made up of five storey building and 125 beds. The creation of the hospital is one of the remarkable events in the history of AUF. Also, this led to the recognition of AUF as autonomous by CHED.

Angeles University Foundation Medical Center has earned a good reputation as medical provider in Central Luzon and also as a training ground for doctors, nurses and medical-related trainees. The hospital currently functions as the research, teaching and training hospital--- the very first in the region of Central Luzon.

Now on its 46th year of existence, AUF with its wide choices of academic programs supported by modern equipment and facilities and mostly dedicated to medical services, focused at attending to the mounting needs of the global community.