Apo Market in Angeles City - Philippines

Aside from visiting the various tourist attractions and sightseeing spots in and around the city, it is only natural that you will want to bring home with you some souvenirs. Fortunately, there is the Apo Market in Angeles City where you can buy affordable yet high quality goods and merchandise.

The Apo Market in Angeles City is open every Friday of the year, from morning until midnight. When the clock reads 12 midnight, the stalls and stores are closed and business will resume the following Friday. The stalls are located near the Apo Chapel, because what the market commemorates is Apo Day, part of the Apo Fiesta held every October. This is a religious event in worship of Christ.

The Apo Fiesta (or Apo Day as it is also called), include several prayers and masses held at the chapel, and it is not unusual to see those who have just finished attending the mass to go over to the stalls and stores in the area. Although as stated the festival is only in October, the markets are open every Friday. It may have been the case in the past that the Apo Market in Angeles City was open only during October but became very popular, and so was held on a weekly basis.

The Apo Market in Angeles City is a flea market, meaning you can buy anything and everything there. From clothes, plants, shoes, cameras, CDs, local handicraft, they are all available there. The price for each item will vary greatly, and while there may be a price attached at each item, they are not by any means fixed. Indeed the rule of the game is to bargain and haggle but in a nice and humorous manner.

It would be a good idea if you look over several items first in the Apo Market in Angeles City so that you can have an idea of the price. If you want a pair of shoes, look around and compare the prices so you will know how to bargain.

To get to the Apo Market in Angeles City, you take a taxi or jeepney and head over to Henson or Santo Entierro, and get off near the Apo Chapel. You will not miss the site as the market is filled with people and stalls.

The Apo Market in Angeles City is not just a popular destination for tourists who want to buy something affordable but as the history makes clear, it is also an occasion to witness once again how Filipino piety and celebration of life and the good times co exist.