Dau Greenville Resort in Angeles City - Philippines

An impressive and well-maintained resort near Angeles City, Pampanga, Dau Greenville Resort is one of the most visited places by travelers and tourists in the city. With its interesting facilities, people can surely have fun and be relaxed inside this resort. Additionally, this wonderful place is also known for the efficient services that it offers to all of its guests. Furthermore, travelers and vacationers have nothing to worry about their budgets since the place has affordable rates.

Location and How to Get to Dau Greenville Resort

Situated at Dau in Mabalacat, Pampanga, Dau Greenville Resort is not that hard to find or locate even to travelers coming from Manila City. For tourists who will travel by means of public transportation, they can ride in buses bound to Angeles City. At the city proper, they can find jeepneys going to Mabalacat. The resort is near to Jose Feliciano College so they can use this establishment as a landmark to easily locate the place.

Facilities of Dau Greenville Resort

For families who want to have fun with each other, they can always visit Dau Greenville Resort for it has relaxing facilities. For the enjoyment of children, the place has kiddie pools that feature several waterslides. On the other hand, for professional swimmers, Dau Greenville Resort has a swimming pool that follows the standard size of Olympic swimming pools. Meanwhile, for those who are not in the mood to go swimming, they can do other recreational activities like fishing. In addition, the resort features lodges and cottages where people can sleep and rest if they want to have an overnight stay in the place.

Cost of Visiting and When to Go to Dau Greenville Resort

Entrance fees at the resort are fixed at 70 pesos for adults and children who will visit the place at day time. On the other hand, for those who will visit the place at night time, they should pay 90 pesos, both adults and children, to use the swimming facilities of the resort. Hence, for those who want to rent cottages, rental fee starts at 150 pesos for at most six individuals. The rental fees in cottages increase as the number of people who will occupy the cottages increase. To enjoy their visit to Dau Greenville Resort, it is best that travelers visit the place during summer. Thus, for inquiries and advance reservations, they can always reach the management of this place through this number, 63-45-331-3977.