Fiestang Kuliat in Angeles City - Philippines

One of the festivities that Pampanga residents celebrate annually is the Fiestang Kuliat. Essentially, Fiestang Kuliat represents the resilience of Angeles City in Pampanga since the area was hit by the Mt. Pinatubo eruption in 1991 and after the United States Military base in Clarkfield was withdrawn.

These two major trials in Angeles City, or Pampanga in general, never discouraged the local residents to continue their aim of progress. Despite the problems that hit them, Angeles City is currently considered as one of the most progressive places in Region III. After the two major trials, other people have served as witnesses to the trait of Kapampangan of determination to survive in the middle of crucial problems.

The local government of Angeles City effectively responded to the needs of the local residents while civic organizations gave their respective assistance. Meanwhile, the local business affected by the areas problems managed to stand firm against the crisis and brought economic activities to Angeles City.

The local residents of Angeles City felt that their ability to surpass their problems is something that should be celebrated since it is a milestone in the history. This is when the idea of celebrating Fiestang Kuliat emerged. A year after the Mt Pinatubo eruption, Angeleños started celebrating the Fiestang Kuliat. Culiat is the former name of Angeles City where the name of the festival was derived.

The Fiestang Kuliat is celebrated every October 10, in honor of the patron saint of Culiat, Blessed Virgin Mary of Rosary.

This festival is just one of the unique festivities that the Philippines can be proud of. This celebration is actually the residents way of thanking to their patron saint. The local residents think that through this festival, they would be safe from disasters, calamities, and other untoward accidents.

Among the usual activities packaged in the celebration are Boxing Match, Beach Volley, City Hall Idol, Bonggang Binayagan, Sinukwan Night, Float Parade, Friendship Street Jam and Party, among others.

Up to this day, this festival has served as a vital part of the culture and heritage of Angeles City. Aside from celebrating the victories of the Angeles City residents, the Fiestang Kuliat also serves as a main reason why tourists flock in the area giving economic opportunities to local residents. Aside from being a religious thanksgiving event, the Fiestang Kuliat also helps the local residents to be known of their resiliency that has always been associated with Angeleños.