How to Get to Angeles City from Manila - Philippines

Are you planning a trip to Angeles City? Are you wondering how to get back and forth to Manila? Are you confused which way to go? Do you want an easy way in and out?

Well, do not worry. For one, Angeles is very accessible from Manila. You do not have to do much to get there. There are no crisscross roads, no confusing signboards, no complicated short cuts, or whatnots. The road to Angeles is a plain straight one that even clueless drivers can easily keep track of. All you need to have as you go to Angeles is a patient and steady driver who will get you there safe and that’s it! It might also be worth having an understanding of what roadside assistance you can get if you need it. Chances are you won't but it's always better to be safe rather sorry, isn't it?

Public transportation on this side of the Philippines is also trustworthy. If you do not like bringing a car with you or you do not have a car to bring, public transpo is your best option.

Secondly, we are giving you a quick guide on how to get back and forth to Manila in this article. After reading this piece, we assure you that you will be able to get back and forth from Manila to Angeles without any hassles.

Angeles City is just a couple of hours away of Manila. Angeles is situated in Pampanga, a province in Northern Luzon so naturally, your way through there is NLEX or the North Luzon Expressway. The highway was tagged aptly. You will never have any problems with traffic jams or car volumes because the expressway, with its very wide and sleek landscape, can handle a lot. You enter NLEX from Balintawak. If you are anywhere from Manila, you have to get to Balintawak to get to NLEX. Upon entering NLEX, you will be just about 50 minutes away from Angeles City. Your exit point is your destination's namesake; Angeles.

If you do not have a car with you, you can get to Angeles City with ease by boarding buses headed to the North. Any bus headed far north (Tarlac, Pangasinan, Baguio), for as long as it will pass through the Dau exit in NLEX, is applicable. Upon reaching Dau exit, you can take a jeepney to SM Pampanga and get around Angeles City from that landmark.

Angeles used to be reachable by air from Manila. Then again, the airline company that flies back and forth from Manila to the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport dropped Angeles in its list of destinations. That is probably because Angeles to Manila and vice versa is just about a two hour travel by land. And oh, how you got to Angeles is also your way out and back again to Manila.