Mt. Arayat Treks in Angeles City - Philippines

Looking for a fun and exciting activity in Pampanga? If you are, then Mount Arayat Treks can provide you with a lot of activities to do and exciting sights to see.

Mount Arayat is located in Barangay San Juan Bano in Arayat, Pampanga. With a total land area of 3,715.28 hectares, Mount Arayat is a dormant volcano where you can find a freshwater resort and natural falls emanating from the mountain itself.

Mount Arayat Treks can provide a refreshing experience especially during summer. Its three freshwater pools provide cool and freezing water. Aside from the freshwater pool, climbing the 100 steps can be a good way of exercising.

In addition, if you are not yet tired from climbing the 100 steps, a trek to the Grotto of Virgin Mary can be quite an experience as well. The waters of the natural falls are quite refreshing that you would not resist the temptation of soaking yourself wet in its waters.

Mount Arayat Treks is not only for adults but also for the children. In front of the national park, there is a playground. However, the seesaws and swings that used to be an attraction had been removed but still children can indulge themselves in what is called a jumping session. This can be a funny experience that even adults would like to indulge in.

The Tree House is another attraction that is worth visiting during Mount Arayat Treks. It has facilities, houses, and huts that are ideal for conducting conferences and meetings. This area of Mount Arayat provides guests with the best sight of the mountain and its neighboring areas. You can feast your eyes with a wide variety of flowers lining up the area. The cool shade of the tree houses provides a good venue for relaxing and resting from the tiring trip of the park.

Mount Arayat is very accessible. There are various means of transportation that can take you to the place. From San Fernando, Pampanga, board a jeepney that will take you to Arayat. The fare would be approximately twenty pesos per head. From the town of Arayat, rent a tricycle that would take you to the resort. Drivers would usually charge forty pesos for the trip.

There is an entrance fee worth thirty pesos for the adults and twenty bucks for the kids. Entrance fee to the swimming pool area is worth ten pesos per pool. Cottage rental is worth sixty pesos.

Mount Arayat Treks will not only provide you an opportunity to have fun but also to appreciate the beauty of the mountain itself.