Pampanga Cuisine in Angeles City - Philippines

Home-made native processed meat and a host of other delectable native dishes quite tempting in looks, aroma, and tasteif theyre not popular Pampanga cuisines then they must be new Pampanga dishes in the making.

Each time folks in Luzon taste a new delicious dish with ingredients common among native dishes, theyd say it must be a Pampanga cuisine. This is because Pampanga cooking always manages to concoct up its version of a latest food crazeonly, often done better because of its use of native ingredients creatively. Just look at sisig.

Sisig is among the latest fad in grilling finely chopped food, fish, meat, or pork. Pampanga cooking has come up with its own sisig Pampanga cuisinecalled Pampanga Sisig which is a better version of grilled chopped pork ears in pepper, vinegar, and other top secret ingredients.

Once upon a time pork roasted crunchy in deep oil using bowl-shaped pans or Lechon Kawali was the fad. Its a mouth-watering, super juicy and crispy way of roasting pork everybody loved, But Pampanga cooking found a way to cook it better, with secret Pampanga ingredients, and hence the Pampanga cuisine Lechon Kawali.

Another popular Pampanga cuisine colection is the long line up of various Pampanga sweetened and cured pork, like the undying Tocino, which is now available in almost all corner stores and supermarkets, Langgonisa or smoked sausages, Pampanga burger, Pampanga Tapa, and sweet and spicy Embotido or big meat rolls, among other Pampanga cuisine pork preparations.

Brands like Pampangas Best and Mekeni Food are the top promoters of packed ready-to-cook Pampanga cuisines available in ordinary and classy store outlets. Pampanga cuisine innovation, creativity, and practicality have even produced chicken tapa and tocino, longanisa, and hotdog.

When talking of Pampanga cuisines we cannot overlook the special role of Pampanga sweets and desserts. Being a center for rice and sugarcane plantations, Pampanga cuisine resourcefulness also came up with Marzipan, Turrones, Meringue, its own version of cream puff and custard cake.

A sweets concoction that will surely make one forget ones name (a popular cuisine figure of speech in Luzon), and a pride of Pampanga cuisine arts is the Tiboktibok corn cake. It is made of fresh carabaos milk, sugar, and corn flourguaranteed to make us forget our problems and even our spouses, as it were.

Generally, when in central Luzon, when something looks so good and powerfully tasty it must be a Pampanga cuisine. Or else, it must be a new Pampanga dish in the making.